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Bank Holiday Weekend!

May 5, 2019

What a fantastic turnout!

As a lover of animals, I put myself forward to be at this event (where ever there are dogs or horses, I am there!)

The place was buzzing with energy, with families and their pet dogs running around on the field eating their ice creams! We of course had lots of sweets ourselves but we have to mention their burgers as they were absolutely amazing! The best ones we ever have eaten!

The event was on both the Sunday and Monday, Monday being the busiest of the two. Never the less, both days had shows on every hour or so and our pitch was right at the front so we had a great view! Our lovely trailer had some great compliments throughout the day and we had many people take our flyers!

The event was a great success and we even managaed to meet ‘Jacob’ and the other horses backstage after the show! As a lover of horses we could not resist!


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